Odd Thoughts

 “The question is very understandable, but no one has found a satisfactory answer to it so far."
-Anne Frank

I think such odd thoughts.

Like, how do we know we can't breath in outerspace? Did someone try it? How do we really know? Maybe we are just told that. How do we know what stars are, or that the Earth moves around the sun. Has anybody touched a star, or been far enough away to watch the Earth circle our sun?
Maybe stars are pinpricks in heaven?
Who knows what's on the dark side of the moon? Maybe it's a lost civilization.

What does it feel like to die? Is it scary? Or peaceful? Do you realize you are dying before it even happens? Do you truly see your life flash before your eyes? Do you float away, or is like a bright flash? Do you get a holy trial or do you just wake up in Heaven or @#!*% ? Preferably heaven.
Is dying dark, or is it light?

What goes through an animals mind? Can they love? I know they can fear, or feel happy, but can they hate? Do dogs go to heaven? Who first decided to drink cow's milk? How did they come to that conclusion?

How did letters and words began? How did they decide A says ah?

Who kissed or hugged first? Was it awkward? Who was the first person to be married by a priest/preacher/pastor? Did Eve freak out when her stomach grew larger with Cain? How did they react to childbirth?

How did myths start? Were Greek gods based off of real (though not godly) people? Was there truly a curious woman named Pandora or a strong man named Hercules?

Did God make a chicken, or did God make an egg?

How did Noah and his family react to watching people drown in the flood? Did they get seasick? How did the Ark smell? Was it lonely, being the only people on earth?

Who named Colors, or discovered color blindness? What was Sir Isaac Newton doing under the tree? Who first looked up at space and said to himself, "I want to travel up there"?

I think a great many odd thoughts....

 “‎Halt looked up at the trees above him.
"Why does this boy ask so many questions?" he asked the trees.
Naturally, they didn't answer.” 
-The Ruins of Gorlan 

(SCORE! The Ranger's Apprentice. You all know very well, you can't ask another question ever again without feeling a bit like Will...)


  1. Ohmygosh. Now I have a thousand questions running through my brain. Thank's Ashley. :P

    But really, very interesting!!

  2. I love these questions. it is the mark of a great thinker to think the strangest things. it's how inventions and new discoveries come about.


  3. Your "odd thoughts" are very much like my own. :) My friend told me that drinking a cow's milk became practice when, before baby formula, a mother was unable to nurse her child. Desperate, her husband gave the baby the milk of their cow. And that's how it started. I wouldn't say I believe it, but it certainly seems to have some truth to it.

    The color-naming process is very interesting to me. I may have to look into that...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Was the color orange named after the fruit, or the fruit named after the color?


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- Blaise Pascal