She Dreamed of San Francisco

 She breathed in the sweet, salty air, and tossed her purse into the car, and walked down the boardwalk, before remembering she had left the car door unlocked, and hurrying back to do so.
For the second time, she walked down, almost feeling as if music should be playing somewhere.
On her right, she could see the Golden Gate Bridge, looming through the sea spray like a magical portal to another world.
With an excited yelp she danced like a wild faerie on the sand, her bare feet leaving impressions in the wet sand.
It was much too cold to go barefooted, especially on the windy beach, but right now…
“I’m here! I’m actually here!” She giggled, and grabbed a handful of sand, and let it run through her fingers.
“San Francisco sand…San Francisco air, San Francisco sounds, sights, smells, and…and…” she danced around again, hugging herself, “San Francisco happiness”.
-For The Last Time- 
Sometimes you just start a novel, and you just 'click' with a character.  Be it a word they say, an action they commit, or the way they laugh inside your head.
The moment I introduced Avian Sadler, I knew she was one of the clicked.  As you can see from the above snippet (which is her introductory into the novel), she is full of vibrant life.  She lets nothing hold her back from her dreams, and is willing to appear foolish or impractical if it means she is being true to herself.     As Anne Shirley might say, me and Avian or Kindred Spirits, or both from the race of joseph. Her story however, is sad. It starts with her death. Yes, I said it, Avian dies. Due to odd circumstances prompted by the main character, Benson Gates (her boyfriend), she is resurrected. Well, not truly resurrected...gah. That sounds like she is a zombie or a vampire... No, rather, both of them are brought back to a time when they don't yet know each other, and Benson has to win her heart all over again, learning some very important things about girls, and how love is in the meantime. But, I'm getting off topic from Avian. She might not be the main character, but I love her to pieces. She is like a sunflower in a field of cotton; standing tall above everyone else not because she tries, but simply because she does. So, I decided to do a Beautiful People on her, which, I think, the title fits. Avian is truly a beautiful person. She is my role model, of sort. I want to be as bouncy, and continuously happy as she is. Anyway, without further ado, 
Avian Sadler.
 If your character’s house burned down, and they were left with nothing but the clothes on their back, what would they do? Where would they go?
She'd probably go to Benson's, and camp out in the guest room until she can secure a new apartment.  She isn't truly attached to her home, not because of any real reason, but mainly because she has only been living there a few weeks. 
Are they happy with where they are in life, or would they like to move on?
She is very happy where she is at.  She is living one of her dreams, but that isn't to say she doesn't want to keep catching her shooting stars.  Avian is one of the few people who can be completely happy where they are, without losing the desire to keep going forward. 
Are they well-paid?
She is a coffee barista, it's not the best paying job in The City By the Bay, but she loves it. Coffee and Tea are her passions, and being able to work in a gourmet coffee shop excites her.  

Can they read?
That's like asking a bird if it can sing.  Of course she can read. She loves reading. Like, who needs food? she's buying books. 

What languages do they speak?
English and only English.  Sometimes she fancies being able to speak French, but she isn't there yet.  All the same, she has German, French, Italian and Japanese dictionaries floating around her apartment, and she flips through them frequently, selecting a word to add to her vocabulary. 

What is their biggest mistake?
Well, different people will tell you different things.  Her family will say it's leaving their protective nest to fly across the country and live alone in a big city.  Benson would say it was falling in love with him.  Her boss might say not letting people help her with directions or buying a GPS and always getting to work late. But I think Avian would consider her biggest mistake is not leaping towards the stars sooner. 

What did they play with most as a child?
Books. She played with books and road maps. strange, hm? But she did. She would trace the lines of the highways and interstates, and wonder what certain nature stops looked like.   She had a wanderlust spirit even then. 

What are their thoughts on politics?
She hates it. She thinks all politicians are crooks (maybe rightly so..) and doesn't vote.  She doesn't like to "support liers and thieves" as she says.
If someone walked up to them and told them they were the child of the prophecy, would they believe them?
Probably. Or, would at least hear them out. Who cares if it's the United States of America in 2012...who knows, right?  Now, what prophecy did you say she is from again?

If they were falsely accused of murder, what would they do? How would they react?
She would be terrified, but keep her cool.  She would know she was innocent, and would just have to trust the courts saw she was too.  Really, freaking out isn't going to do any good but make her look guilt, right?
Perhaps I've managed to give you guys a peek into Avian and who she is.  Really, she is an awesome character, and, now I'm going to sound like a narcissist, but I see a lot of me in her.  And, a lot of the person I wish was me. Because of her, and Benson, and the mystery entwining around them like a noose, For The Last Time is becoming one of my favorites.
You know, the sort that you write and go, "dayum this is good"?
yeah. that kind.

Cheerio me ol' cream crackers! 


  1. Uh--wow! I *love* this, her--Avian. With this post, I had the reaction you mentioned of, "Dayum, this is good!"
    I hope you keep sharing about her, & For the Last Time which has such an intriguing premise that I can scarcely wrap my brain around.


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