Shine on Luv

Pardon pardon pardon for the total lack of posting I've been keeping up.  All inspiration just kinda went, "Poof".
All I've wanted to talk about is writing (don't want to bore you people), Wicked (Green...green...why couldn't I have been born green?) and other such nonsense.  Nothing truly worth blog posting about.

But, my dearest Fallon girl tagged me, and, well, it's a good filler, and I like answering questions and doing these dear tagged things. 

 *clears through* so, here I go:

1. How long does it take you to fall into a new fandom? If it's a TV show, how many episodes? Or if it's a movie, what are deciding factors that make you go "OH MY GOSH THIS IS MY LIFE FROM HERE UNTIL I find something new", etc.

 Uh, well. It depends. Star Trek, it took one episode. And that's normally the way it goes with tv shows. One episode, and I'm hooked.However, I haven't even watched Doctor Who, and I have a extreme love affair with it. And I hadn't watched Sherlock before it gave me those terrible feels.
I still haven't figured out what makes me go gaga over movies... But the ones I HAVE gone crazy over, (Avengers, Brave, Phantom of the Opera, Mirror Mirror,) are greatly diverse. I'm still working out what makes me go berserk with them.
As for books, I think it needs to be equipped with a steady supply of feels, mysterious characters, sweet romance, heart break, and laughs.
AND musicals. It takes me one song.  I heard, "Life After Life" and I was thrown into such a plethora of feels for Dracula. And then, "Popular" and I KNEW I needed to learn more about this Wicked. and "Look With the Heart" and BAM. I was crying over Love Never Dies.

2.  Do you have any pets? If not, what pets do you want to have someday?

Yes. I have a darling little Jack Russel named Ella. She is quirky. She hoards things. She barks is all bark and no bite. She likes to roll in things I'd rather she wouldn't (5 baths in 3 days people. 5 baths. I threatened to chain her up, and she stopped. She really does listen). and she hates dog food.
She'd prefer BBQ chips.

3.  Where is your dream place to live?

London. like, pssssh. Took you long to figure that out. ;D  But, lately, I've been looking at Switzerland, and Tokyo and thinking, "I'd like to go there". But, I'm still dreaming of my little London flat right above my tea and book shop.

4.  Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Why?

eeeeeee. You ask that of lil ol poor me?
I think I'll stick with Fantasy. on a whole. 
Though, I had a hard, hard, HARD time choosing.
Oh, wait...you asked why too.....
Science Fiction is...
Fantasy is....
If I say, "I just do", will I pass?

5.  What color do you feel today?  What color matches your mood?

I feel green. Not in a sea sick way, but in a defying gravity way.

6.  Who is the character you relate with best? From any of your fandoms, whatever they may be.

 Jo March. I've always felt a connection to Jo. Her slight grumpy-ness, her slight 'in another world' ness (You just CAN'T burn the backside of your dress and be totally absent from you imagination). We are both writers, And, scratch the grumpiness. We both have DREADFUL tempers, and always feel terrible for them.
But a close second would be Monk.
Adrian Monk.
I've lost count of how many times he has said something that makes me go, "YES YES YES YES PEOPLE. LISTEN TO THIS WISDOM. LISTEN TO IT. NOW"
I was nearly in tears of joy when he explained why he likes to keep his food from touching.
Or why he doesn't like trash.
Or how he organizes things.
But, I haven't ever lost my significant other in a tragic car bomb accident, so I think he shall just say secondary.

7.  If someone asks you for advice, and you can only reply with lyrics from a song (any song) what would you tell them?

"Don't worry, be happy
In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry, be happy now"

because I'm such a loser at giving advice anyway.

8.  Favorite childhood toy?

I have a little white bear, Black plastic eyes.  She used to smell like Baby Powder, but as the years wore on, she began to lose that smell.  But, my 'Baby Powder' she remained. She still has a spot next to my books, and occasionally, I bury my nose in her, and pretend to think I can still smell the baby powder from years past. 

And, I'm a loser. yet again. so, I break the tagging of awards. :3

Cheerio me ol' cream crackers,
really, don't worry, be happy now.


  1. Defy Gravity!!! ;)
    Love it!! Thanks for posting the tag, I love all your answers dearie!!!! <3 *hugs* So fun!! :)


  2. It actually took my a while to get into Star Trek and Star Wars... but with Phantom of the Opera it started with the book and really took off from there...

    Is Dracula a musical? This I am not familiar with...

    "I'm still dreaming of my little London flat right above my tea and book shop." TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!


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