So. Humor? (ATSL day 3)

So, day 3 of the "Single Ladies" blog party hosted at "Just As I Am"!
I did, respectfully skip day 2, as I couldn't think of how to participate in that one. But, here I am now!

So. Humor?

Day 3 asks us to laugh at our singleness. For, in all things, there is something to laugh at, even if bitter. At least, I think there is. But, sometimes I'm like Glinda, and I think grand thoughts about things that aren't so.

Well, I don't have many laughable stories to tell you about my single life....but there is one...

I have this friend, bless her heart, she is a sweet one. She is almost in her Thirties, so she IS older than myself, but I still consider her a friend.

Little did I know that she was also a matchmaker....

This friend has a you her brother who, huzzah! Is the same age, roughly, as myself.

Can you tell where this is going?

Anyway, we hadn't known each other for long before she began selling the praise of her brother. How WONDERFUL he was in academics! All the girls in his school would just swoon if he paid attention to them (ok. So, maybe she didn't say JUST that...)
But I, being the absentminded, I-Could-care-less lass I am, I just smiled and agreed with her and changed the topic.

So, she stepped it up.

She began to bring her brother along with her when she went to events she knew I'd be attending. And frankly, I think he was as interested in me as I was in himself. (Ok. I'll admit...he was a /little/ cute. But just not my style of cute....).
So, she told both me, AND my mother about how we were practically the genderbent versions of each other. Interests, hobbies, passions, we were just SO ALIKE!
And at that moment, it hit me like a baseball bat to the cranium what she was trying to do. And I think he figured it out too, as our eyes met once, and the glance was purely apologetic.
And then, I heard about a week later, he had gotten a girl friend, so his Match making sister had to drop her efforts. But I must give it to her, Had I been open to the idea, she'd have done good. She was almost convincing as it was.
I truly feel sorry for her brother...at least I only had to deal with her match making when we saw each other, but he is her BROTHER.
Sisters have can be highly persistent. Especially older sisters

But, we haven't spoken of her dear brother since, and I am quite fine by that.

So, thats the funniest digs I have to give...
want some pinterest now?

PERFECT for this event, no?

So, I hope you dearly beloved followers have been enjoying my single-ness posts, albeit, there have only been two.
but two is better than uno, right?
Anyway....eh...news news news...I had news to give you...ah!

Monday is my birthday.
Just saying.
And...Tomorrow I'm going on a shopping/early birthday trip with my Mum and oldest younger sister (Shauna).

Well, thats all for now.
Cheerio my ol' cream crackers.

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  1. Oh my word...I can relate to being matchmade, to a point. ;) A dear friend is *still* at it with this guy who's the "genderbent" version of me...only he lives in Kansas so there's no awkwardness about meeting at "random" events. LOLOL
    Thanks for joining in! <3


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