so this, google reader thing...

to be perfectly frank and honest and open and all that good stuff, i have no idea what is really and truly going on. is blogger going to really make the stupid of all stupid moves and get rid of google friend connect as it has been said?
i don't really know, and if someone reading this DOES, could you enlighten me? please?

ok, so, but, i have made preparations, and, you can follow Cheery-O on blog lovin! woohoo! fun ness! I know.

so, if you look over to the side, there will be a pink little widget button next to the 'follow this blog' button, and you can follow there.
For those unfamiliar with Bloglovin, its just a way to follow your favorite blogs outside of google friend connect (the normal way of following).  it does require you to make an account to sign up, but it's free and really just nothing to do so. 
AND, the nice thing, it sends email updates on your blogs to the email you sign up with, so you don't even have to go to the bloglovin website in order to keep up with your favorite blogs!

So, there has been your daily message of the day, I have a couple of other blogs to do 'this' for.


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