It's 'Howdy' today

At the first sign of morning light ol' glory's in the sky 

Despite what you think, about me, an author with a blog that bears a British greeting, I am not, in fact, living across the pond.  If I was, I'd be quite sure to hoot about it at every given opportunity.
But I live in the America land, and as such, I spent today in a holiday that most americans, like myself, have been occupied with.  

We had planned to spend our Independence Day week and weekend camping,  but, weather seemed to have her own plans.  We got our tent pitched just as the rain started, and it only got worse and worse as we went on.  We spent our first night out there (FYI, I did not sleep in the tent because it was cramped and because it was wet.  Instead I took my blanket and pillow and bunkered down in the van. It was quite dry, and I only woke up with a minor kink, which is pretty decent seeing how I tend to sleep funny and spend the rest of the day in a weird shape).  
But when we woke up, the rain hadn't let up.  If anything, it was getting worse.  It would break for about 10 minutes, in which case people (we were camping with my Aunt Jodie and her husband, Uncle Jimmy and their children except my cousin Becca; My Great Aunt Gay and Great Uncle Smiley, which is not their real names, but they were given those nicknames as children because Aunt Gay was always happy, and Uncle Smiley was always smiling, and then they met, and their nicknames matched up, and is that not the most sweetest thing ever? as well as my Aunt Kristina and Uncle Johnnie and their kids) would run about, hoping to get things done while staying dry.  
The younger children made an attempt to swim in the lake we were staying next to, but everyone with sense in their heads shivered in the rain and tried to just stay dry for thirty minutes.

Later on today, actual Independance day, our family reunion/picnic thing was held, and I have never seen so many people cramped together in the cabin or porch as there was today.  It's just a tiny little building, but everyone managed to huddle together and stay mostly dry. 
and then, if we thought the rain couldn't possibly get harder, it did. 
It poured. 
and we decided to pack up camp right then and there. 

 We get home to our (flooded) yard, and find  this mister chilling out in the back.  We have confirmed his existence as a Wood Stork, and I can't help but wonder if he was fishing. XD

But, our camping trip was cut short, but no fear! Tomorrow, my Aunt Amy (who lives a good couple hours away, and we rarely get to see) is stopping by, and we plan on going bowling, and cooking hamburgers.  Hopefully Lady Rain decides she has had enough tear shedding to let tomorrow not be totally wet and miserable. 

Now, does anyone mind if I have a little bitty rant? I swear, I'm not really a patriotic person in the least. For crying out loud, my blog is british theme! But something really irks me.  I didn't even pay attention until last year, when one of the talk show hosts I grew up listening to (I forget if it was Glenn Beck or Shaun Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.  I know Beck talked about it again this year, but I forget who originally brought it up last year) made a comment about it. 
Why does everyone call Independence Day "The Fourth"? 
We are not celebrating the fourth day of July, we are celebrating our freedom as a country, as a people.  We aren't just getting a day off (or two days off) of work for nothing. 
And yet, every single blog post I scrolled past said "Happy Fourth!" or "Our Fourth" or something to do with the 4th in their title. 
guys, guys, guys, I know its just a small thing, but its also big. 
Why don't we call Christmas, "December 25th"? or Halloween "October 31rst"? 
Its just something I noticed, and has bothered me. I used to call this holiday "July Fourth" as well, but now, I can't. I really can't. This is Independence day. not The Fourth of July. 

Well, cheers, you guys. 
I do apologize for the scant number of pictures, but that is literally pretty much all I was able to take. Pouring rain doesn't lend itself well to photographers out in the elements. 
and, in case you were wondering what my title and opening lyrics came from, do listen to this song. It's really one of my favorites.


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  1. I had that same thought this morning, we don't call Christmas December 25th, so we shouldn't call Independence day fourth of July. Well said Ashley!! Happy INDEPENDENCE day!


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