in which I reveal my November plans circulating around NaNoWriMo and prove that I am, in fact, bonkers

I really did mean to make this post sooner, not a whole two days before the event. But the inspiration for posts has just flown out like the cuckoo bird.
I suppose it's best this way, if I spent all NaNo with my head filled with lovely blog post ideas, I wouldn't just be bonkers, I'd be distraught. 

I am doing NaNoWriMo, many of you, some of you, may already know this.  While I have a "But" in here somewhere, I'll save it for a little further down. 

This November, I'll be writing my Novel, Sails of Blood
Now, this novel has been something, do allow me to tell you. 
It was born roughly 4-5 years ago, and followed a girl named Elise and a pirate captain named Nathan.  It wasn't called Sails of Blood at the time, but something terribly droll, which I've forgotten.  I wasn't very good at titles during that time. 
Neither was I very good at writing, or characters or anything writing related and the idea just fizzled out because it wasn't worth it's weight in coal.

About a year ago, give and take, it raised itself up, and handed me a few changes. In fact, I believe it got plastic surgery since it seemed so very different. 
Elise was now named 'Faye', and she was no longer the main character, that role instead went to a bruised and battered and rather bloodthirsty lady named 'Ababou'. 
But see, even when I first began relooking into Sails as a possible novel again, the story wasn't named and was to be a joint story about Faye and Ababou. 
But the more and more I looked into it, the more it seemed like this was not Faye's story. This was Ababou's. 
And so, Faye settled obligingly into the role of a side character, and the title, Sails of Blood, came into being.     
Captain Nathan became Captain Nee, and the role of his first mate, Star, grew much brighter.

But casting hadnt happened yet. 
Star was the first to find a face, he claimed Jeremy Renner, which was so perfect that I was dumbfounded. 
Star is almost literally a pirate version of Hawkeye. 
And I suppose that just set the rule for th
e rest of them. 
Nee snatched up Tom Hiddleston, and he acts like his actor while also being slightly Lokish. 
Os became Chris Hemsworth, and he is Thor. 
Captain Tobin (a bounty hunter) took, can you guess by his name? Yes. Tobin is Robert Downey Jr. 
Furthermore, Tobin is also Tony Stark. So much so that I'm beginning to wonder if I purposefully copied him. 
Then we have Jesse, who is our good Steve Rogers, and Mack, who is Bruce Banner. 
I do not know how I managed to somehow include the Avengers in this, or why it how (I said that already but it needed saying again). 
It just happened and you better believe I did not fight it. 
So, I'm rather excited. I had given up on this story and let it sink only for it to rise up and be all Avenger-y. 

But there was also a but. 
but it's more like 'also'. 

This Novemver, I'm doing something bonkers of me.  In my novel, The 100 Year Queen, I've set up a pace (it's kinda a slackers pace but no judging) an
d I'm going fairly steadily in it. I've never gotten this far in a novel, and, in truth, I'm slightly afraid to stop it. 
So I won't. 
Im doing NaNoWriMo, I'm doing Sails for that. But during that time, I'm not halting work in T100YQ either. 
So, technically, I'll be writing two novels at this time. 
I feel like I'm running into the fire swamp, but I've got Wesley's lack of concern, so I'm not worried. 
Last NaNo was a breeze for me, so in turning up the volume and hoping I'm not overdoing it. 

So there is the 'but' that was technically an 'also'. 

But don't you fret, Monsieur Marius. I won't be abandoning you all for an entire month. I promise to give you updates and snippets and I'll still be going about life during November. I have one (hopefully two, Anna?) photoshoots this month, I'm going to watch Thor: The Dark World in theaters with some friends and I'm also hoping to see The Book Thief (if Death is not in that movie, you will hear me complain quite loudly). 
So I will still have stuffs to come and chat from time to time about dearies. 

So, any of you doing NaNoWriMo? if so, I'd love to hear about your books! (Anna and Kathrine. I know yours) 
If you have an account, you can add me HERE and I'd love to add you back. 

So tootles my dearies. 
*salutes and signs off for duty*


  1. Yup. You're crazy. Good luck, though. :P

  2. Sadly, no NaNo for me...your books sound cool! Do you do beta-reading?

    1. I do, but right now, I'm not confident enough to allow very many people. I only have 5 beta readers, and all are extremely close to me.
      As I grow closer to publication, I'll hopefully be more open to beta readers.
      But thank you, for asking, and for your compliment. ^_^

  3. Yeah. Bonkers.
    And I'm doing two novels in November too, because I'm doing a Novel in a Year class online. Yay! Insanity! It's quite addicting. :p

  4. Sounds amazing!! I love how you put all of the Avengers personalities in your characters <3


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