what do you call a ramble?

last beach day of the year
we caught a sting ray
i think i have the cutest little cousins
and the weirdest cousins too
never insult a photography
her revenge is picture blackmail
i think i have an obsession with cloud photography
more so, black and white cloud photography
it never fails to amaze me just how photogenic the ocean is
someone nominate the beach as the most photogenic person of the year
it was a really pretty day
even if it started out kinda cold
we dove for sand dollars, and found a nice bed of bigg'uns.
my sd card is about to fail me so it seems i must purchase a new one
its a photographer's terror to download a weekend's worth of pictures and realize
only half are unruined by the failing of your sd card's loyalty
i couldn't go swimming in the heated pool because its chlorine and i have a henna 
and chlorine ruins a henna
on saturday we went to a fall festival in the pouring rain
i got soaked
it was fun
you know there are so many quotes in chitty chitty bang bang to sum up my life
  the end


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