I could use something poetic here, but its basically just a bunch of photography to hopefully convey what I've been doing lately

welcome to december in fl folks
ha. HA. finally got a few pictures of these two, who always enjoy being elusive when it comes to getting pictures of them.
taken in the governor's office indeed
dont ask
look! you get a picture of me!
so, between the mixes of these pictures, there is me reading William Shakespeare's Star Wars (given to me by this person. she's practically perfect in every which way), some random images I took at a Christmas Party my Dad's boss hosted (why yes, I was taking pictures instead of mingling and talking) and my family being tourists in our own state.

in case you were wondering, I did not suceed in winning NaNo. but, I'm not bummed about that.
I've been having far too much fun writing in my other novels (the ones I missed), particularly The 100 Year Queen, to be bummed about it.

Guys, this novel may be it.

I'm on chapter twelve, and 30K in. I write big chapters.
These cast of characters are some of my absolute favorites, and I really love pretty much everything about T100YQ. 
Particularly my Antagonist.
I think you are probably not supposed to love your bad guy figure, but its hard for me to not love Taj Roku, with his damaged soul, love for reptiles, and blue hair.
(i did just say blue hair. blue hair on a baddie. go bby)
Sometimes I think I might be losing touch with Taj's villainous side (probably the fault of the same beautiful person who gave my the Shakespeare star wars book who has become insisted an changing the 'bad and forever bad' view of him because she loves him more than the protagonist...) but then I think, "Really, Taj is only twenty-four. He hasn't had a whole life time to perfect being evil. And he doesn't think he is either. He thinks he is merely carrying on a political change while also seeking revenge for his brother's killer. He is still young, still mostly undefined. He is a villain that does not know a that he is the  antagonist of this story, and in truth, he is a villain that you could easily see yourself siding with because he is only so faintly bad"
and I guess I'm probably doing something right in the end after all. 
Taj won't be the next Voldemort, Darth Sidius, Galbatorix, or Morgoth. 
He is far too lukewarm and like able and human for that. 
Taj falls in love, Taj fails in love, Taj is a little boy who sasses his elders, and a young man with too much depending on his inexperienced shoulders. 
That is my Taj.

hold on while I grab some tissues.


But I also love my hero (who behaves more like an anti-hero. I don't think I actually write real heroes. just anti-heroes), and my royal heroine. It's a lovely novel, I think, and I enjoy it immensely.

I've also been remembering to make sure I show my characters eating as well, and all writer's know the difficultly of being sure your characters aren't just...not eating and still being healthy, thriving people.

so, yes.
that is all.


(btw keep an eye out. I have something fun in the works)


  1. Love this post, Ashley! Its fun to read your blog - its so different than other peoples! (in a good way, no worries!) It really feels like you're talking to your readers. No need to be stiff or anything, you're simply writing whats on your mind. I's love it. :P

    Your book sounds very interesting. Tell me, do you find it hard writing about a boy (or from a boy's perspective I should say - if it is) when you're a girl?? Even with brothers I think it would be hard. (I have yet to venture to the field of writing, though I do have brothers)

    1. you know, you will be the second person to have told me that! Really, I didn't try for that effect, it just rather happened on it's own. XD I'm just typing and writing and just, talking. I guess.
      I'm much better at this talking then when I can write it.
      Vocal conversations with me do not go quite so well.

      I know, apparently, it's supposedly difficult to write in the perspective of the opposite sex, but I haven't actually had that much of a problem with that issue.
      I guess I spend so much time getting inside my character's heads, that I've never seen the line dividing my characters into boys or girls, for me, they are just people and voices.
      so, no, I guess I haven't. Not really.
      I spend so much time with these people inside my head, I had better not anyway. XD

  2. I love villains that make you fall in love with them or root for them instead of hating them because they're so bad. Taj sounds quite interesting. And blue hair is quite epic, as well. :)

    Star Wars + Shakespeare. I need to read this book. It sounds like it is made of awesome.

    God Bless!

    1. Taj is....adorably fantastic in such a bad boy way.

      ALTHOUGH, at this point, my hero (who is more behaving like an anti hero...)'s kill count is higher than my actual Villain's.
      I don't see the problem with that....

      I really should dedicate a whole post to just my T100YQ peeples complete with pictures and all that fine fancy stuffs.

    2. that would totally be awesome! :)

  3. winter in florida looks warm. oh state of my birth, what is wrong with you? where is your snow?
    anywho i've got like twenty buckets of snow falling here, want me to send you some?

    your little sisters look so much like you, by the way.

    eeee! i'm excited to read The 100 Year Queen. I quite enjoy anti-heroes.


      it actually grew a bit chilly today, a little cold front breezed down. I actually got to wear a jacket today. I'm overjoyed.

      I HOPE YOU CAN READ IT (I still need your email so I can send the next chapter to you once it's written, if you got the approval needed for such a happening).
      I want to see where you sit on the Taj vs Fox favoritism battle.

    2. i will try my hardest!!
      ahh, the small joys ;p

      yes! i'm going to try to get my email to you soon.
      oh dear that'll be interesting. is it about spilt evenly?


  4. FOXY.

    Oops, sorry. But I did spaz-jerk when you started talking about him. And the little girl in the Hello Kitty shirt looks like a little Miniature Ashley.

    *fangirls very hard with anticipation*
    ~ Grace Anna

    also nice Shakespeare Star Wars book wherever did you get it

  7. Aah, it's been much too long. I swear I didn't die I'm still alive just busy. I miss you dear! It looks like you've been rather busy too! I love your photos, and I just have to say...your little sisters are mini carbon copies of you. .-.

    1. can 'busy' be a synonym for 'getting my lazy on'?
      Because yeah thats kinda been me.

      aren't they. Its funny, seeing how we all share the same basic gene code. ;D


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