[ I think Mo is a nice name ]

 so yesterday morning my dad informed me that there was a lady on one of his facebook pages (those trade-sell-buy pages that are becoming oh so popular) that was selling a nikon camera for $300.  She had bought it a year ago, and only used it four or five times and just found it too high tech for her and wanted to sell it so she could buy a simpler point and shoot.
Naturally I was interested.
I've been thinking about needing to upgrade my camera game, since I was slightly out growing my Canon G10, but if you've ever priced those nice lovelies, you might have noticed that they aren't exactly cheap, and most certainly not one of those things you just go out and buy on a whim.
Daddy told her we were interested, and then I had to scramble up $300.
I had $200 in my savings bank account, and after unearthing some past dues that my brothers still owed me, I reached the amount needed, and headed to the meeting place.
Naturally, buying a second hand camera, especially from a trade-buy-sell page, can be a bit risky.  I fully expected the camera to have a ding or two, maybe a scratched lens or screen, and was getting myself ready to barter down (I stink at bartering down fyi).
The moment I saw this baby, however, I knew there would be very little bartering down to be done.
She, the owner, still had things wrapped in plastic, there wasn't even a smudge on the screen, and every cord was still wrapped with its little ties.
Apparently someone had bought it for her when her daughter started playing Basketball so that she could take pictures, but she could never figure out how to use it.
we actually got a kick out of how I had to show her where the flash was, because even after a year, she had no clue.
I took a few experimental pictures, brought my computer along so I could see how it downloads, and each second I was falling more and more in love.
I had to have this camera. 

I didn't even bother bartering down, my honesty could not allow me to pay less than what she was asking for a camera that was almost clearly worth more.
And so I bought it, paid $300 for my new Nikon D3000 and my savings for a new computer is once again depleted.
We had to make a stop at walmart afterwards, and all through the store I was mentally, and at times, vocally, debating what to name my new baby.
I name everything, I have a lamp named Atticus, my G10 is Camryn, my car (that I sold) was Lemonade, and my current computer is Greg (because everything is not his division).  So naturally this Nikon addition to the family had to be named.
My mum suggested Nickie, but I protested that I was sure he was a boy camera.
So Nicholas (which I almost wanted, for reasons shut up mirriam this was a good movie), Nikoli, Nick, all were suggested, but each name didn't fit him.
And fitting is a very important thing when it comes to names.
while still thinking on that whole name thing, we left walmart, and I got to experience something new.
The blood bus!
Yours truly has donated roughly one pint of blood to the vampires on wheels.
That was something interesting indeed.  Since I'm "so tiny" (the nurse's words), taking one pint so quickly ended up leaving me light headed and nauseous after a minute or two (or it felt like a minute or two. mayhaps it was longer), and they had to prop my feet up so blood would flow easier to my heart and give me an ice pack since I was getting really hot (which is better than getting cold, I suppose, as far as blood loss goes).  And then, walking the short distance to the car in the parking lot afterwards made my vision black out, and I had to lay down with my feet propped up in the back seat.
and i am most certainly donating blood next time the blood bus comes around.
playing around with my still unnamed camera continued after I got home, and was one of the reasons dinner was late.  What time is there for cooking when you have a camera to play with?
I continued thinking over names, running everything from boys names to girls names over.
and then it happened.
the fitting name arrived.
(which is shortened for Moriarty so oh joy)
Mo was perfect.

So Mo he is.

This morning, I woke up (which takes some time with me. there is a huge difference between being awake and being awake. just to clarify), slipped on a pair of my mom's shoes, and headed out to our woods to take pictures. 
I need to do that more often. 
The woods were alive with birds, and the coloring and air was so beautiful. It was a bit chilly, so my hands got a bit cold from holding Mo, as I haven't yet put the strap on him (need to do that). 
And it was lovely. 

So yes, I have moved up on the photographer game board as I now own a Nikon and a Canon which is the double chip of also owning two cameras.  (Random thing: Mo has Manuel focus. you don't know how happy that makes me unless you are also a photographer in which case I hope you do because MF is quite possibly one of the greatest gifts to ever be given) 

On account of other news, I have a job! Starting January 2nd, I will be a nanny. 
*confetti pops* 
It's a really really good position, actually. We know the family, and I won't be working every single day. Just when E and M's parents are working. So, in truth, I suppose it's more like a pumped up baby sitting job more than actual nanny. 
It will involve me having to drive for an hour to their home twice a week, and staying away from my home more days than I will actually be home (which is a bit terrifying). But, I'm excited. It's not full term, since I'm just the temp nanny, and she will probably have a full time nanny by March. 
So, if you don't hear much from me in the next three months, that may be the reason why. 

or, I could have just gotten lazy and that will probably actually be it. laziness. 


that fun thing I said I have in the works? it's still going to happen. no fears.  I actually want to start doing quite a lot of fun things in the near future. but we'll see. 


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    1. you have summed up my thoughts so very eloquently.

      (and don't you like how green our winters are? don't you. don't you. I dont)

  2. Oh, the photos are gorgeous!! Congrats! =)

  3. firstly, your forest photos are fantastic. whenever I take pictures of trees and stuff they never turn out nice

    secondly, Mo is a lovely name! I originally thought you named him after Mo Folchart from Inkheart.

    thirdly, you liked Jack the Giant Slayer?? Me too! But I think Jack suffered from an unfortunate haircut. Elmont's hair almost made up for it.....

    okay I'm done now -curties-


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