cheerio again

I regret to say, as you have undoubtably noticed, that I have been occupied in other matters and none if those matters involved a time to blog.

it was and still is, most grievous. 

taking up the most of my time is something terrible and inevitably bound to occur to each and everyone of us in some form or another. 


in a few weeks, I will be turning 18, and as my family will tell me again and again, I will be leaving childhood behind me for a new page. 
actually, I'm refusing the actual 'leaving childhood' part until I'm 20 or until further notice even then.  But I don't think it's fair to say you aren't a child until the next time 1 appears as the first number of her age, you'll be ancient. 

While basking in the few remaining days f my folly filled youth, coloring in coloring books (I have my own. none of my siblings may color in my Alice In Wonderland coloring book because quite frankly it is mine), reading, swinging in parks, and being idle as only a kid can be, I cannot. 

I have been employed. 

At the beginning of the year (I did mean to talk about it before now but just never got the time. gomen) I started working for a friend of the family as a part time nanny.   It's a pretty good position, over all. And I'm only working until the last day of March, at the most. Basically, I'm staying until she can find someone long term to take over.  

It's a long long drive from my house to her house, full of nothing but pine trees and asphalt, and I'm immensely glad that I don't have to drive it every single day. 

So, while it's a good job, I'm not working every day, the kids are peaches, the pay is great (pay is pay. I'm not one to snivel at any payment because I'm a po girl) and thanks to it, I've been able to buy 3 new books  (and two pairs of boots) in one week. 

that's a record for me. 

But it's slowly tiring me out, and I think, come March, I'll be quite ready to stay home. and sleep. 

So yes, work, driving, random socializations, shopping for a Tarantula (I'm going to be buying a Rose Hair soon. cheers), getting lost in a city that isn't my tiny home town, getting lost again, and again, establishing that I will probably get lost any time I attempt to drive in a city with a spider web network of roads, freaking out in an airport because I was trying to turn my vehicle around, not get on an airplane, all that fun interesting stuff has made my month so far a very interesting year thus far. 

and now, some random pictures.


January First 

We had our very own, very first, personal fire cracker experience to welcome  in the new year.  I also was trying out my new camera, and then realized that I wasn't sure where the firework setting was....
so all these were taken with my trusty ol canon G10.


January Eighth

The family I nanny for has this ultra friendly lady cat named Birdy. 
by 'friendly' I mean, she will climb into bed with you and lay on your face because you are a human precious to her.  
and while I do appreciate the feelings behind it, it would be nice if I could be allowed to breathe and not suffocate due to her affections.


January Twenty-Fifth

Some friends hosted a Sherlock S3 party at their home, and praise the lawd I was not working that evening and could be in attendance.   It was good. Tom is evil.
Come on, does anybody else think Molly's boyfriend looks suspiciously like the young, music listening russian soldier from the start?   Anyone?  Personally, me, The Friendly Gar, Kathrine and Kayla are all convinced that he is the same, even if we haven't scored any documented proof.

After watching the Empty Hearse, we played Sherlock Cluedo, which is a very stressful game.  Try to solve and crime and also keep Sherlock/Professor Plum from toppling to his death.  It takes the energy right out of you. 
Afterwards, we girls played Balderdash, learned some interesting things about each other (looking at you Kayla....) and really laughed quite a lot.
or maybe I was the one laughing a lot.
we have some imaginations, and it was funny. so what.

So, that has been my month as of late.  Not colorfully unique in any particular way, but jam packed busy.

It's been a nice month.

up soon:  I have a lot of books to post my thoughts on, from The Kneebone boy, to J.M Simmons' Light In The Gloaming. 

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  1. Mm...blogger appears to have eaten my first comment. -_- Typical. ANYWAY. Those pictures of the fireworks are beautiful! Awww! I love fireworks. ;) And I totally understand about nannying. I don't "technically" nanny, but I look after my older sister's kids ALL the time. They're both super high energy midgets and they suck me dry. I collapse and sleep when I come home.


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