two days of the before

in two whole shining days, i will join the league of mostly adults. 

it has me mostly positively terrified. 

in less than 48 hours, i will no longer be a child, i can legally run away and elope (ok, well...if i wanted to. which i don't). i will have the power to help the community decide who we will be minions of (i can vote),  i wont be able to sing '16 going on 17' the same way, because i will be older than even rolf.
my parents have also declared that after the age of 18, there will be no more birthday parties unless i pay and arrange them.

this is the two days before i say goodbye to 17, and totally unprepared am i, timid and shy and scared am i.

you would think i would be spending these two days preparing for adulthood (even though i am 100004589% sure that im not going to actually be an adult until i am aged 152 exactly, and even then it is debatable, because i may just be a late bloomer and become an adult at 200).  but i am not.
i think i have taken up a ostrich's view, if i don't think about it, then it wont happen. 

growing up is not something i am ready to accept. 

i'm not doing much in the way of readying myself for the end of a child's journey and the beginning of a young woman's.  
and that, my dears, is how it comes to be two full days before my birthday before i fully realized, "oh, i get presents soon" (that was humor, my actual thought was, "hot diggity, is today the 9th already?").

my parents plan to give me a final birthday party on the 15th, since on the 11th, my actual birthday, i will be working.
i know.
how very grown up of me.

on my actual birthday, i will drop my nanny kids off at school, then promptly drive to coldstone creamery and demand my free ice cream (nicely and probably mumble and keep my eyes to the floor because im introverted that way).   then, to a cupcake place because i have wanted a cupcake for like 4 months now and i just forget how much i want a cupcake each time im in a position to get a cupcake and even though i get the cupcake i dont appreciate how much i wanted a cupcake and then finally got one.
or maybe i just always want cupcakes.
thats probably more likely.

and then do you know what im going to do?
go to coldstone again.
because i cheated and signed up at two different locations, and so therefore i have two different coupons to two different stores and that means, double the ice cream!
oh its good to be a cheat, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. you get free stuff.

(that is actually a slightly falsified truth. what actually happened, is ashley's mom had her already signed up to get ice cream from ABC's location, and ashley, not knowing this, signed up to get free icecream for XYZ's location, and therefore, she accidentally ended up with two coupons. it was entirely an innocent happenstance.  but i would not put it past her that she might have signed up to the second location even if she had known about her mum's signing her up, because she can actually be a cheater. don't tell the people she plays monopoly with)

so that is all the planning i've done. does it surprise you that it involves only unhealthy food?

well, i'll be spending my actual birthday working. 
i can eat whatever i want for lunch thank you very much.

but, i may go shopping at antique stores as well  (i saw two the other day that looked darling. and by darling, i mean, falling apart and owned by old old ladies).  
im going to regret all the money i'll spend, but heh. i do what a want thor/bank account. 

and now i must fly, for my volunteer duties calleth me. (i volunteer at a center for woman that supports prolife and helps mothers who choose that route of life).

and in case you were wondering why there are food gifs for pictures, it is because it is two days from my birthday, it is my post, it is my blog, and i wanted food posts. 

also i am hungry for cupcakes

signing off while singing "i'll make a man out of you" because my little sisters are watching mulan and i cant help but sing that song in the best attempt at a man's voice each time it comes on,
ashley the almost birthday girl.


  1. Happy 18th, Ashley!!!! Don't let "growing up" bother you - I still haven't got there myself, and am in no hurry to. :) Have a great week!

  2. Borrowing from one of your older posts: Peter Pan, late much?

    1. very.
      i am going to have to give him a proper scolding on tardiness.

  3. happy almost birthday Ashley!


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