things restless fingers do

When writer's block strikes, when words get stopped up and the inspiration runs but the muse takes a trip, there are articles and letters and posts and vlogs dedicated to telling you what to do.
It's simple, it's easy, it's a breath of fresh air. 

so naturally I don't comply. 

here is a list of things I do when I get saddled with writer's block; a list of things which only serve to undoubtably complicate matters.  

• sit poorly in furniture • 
under normal circumstances, I sit very nicely in chairs and sofas. I'm a good child who never lifts soled feet to cushions. If I curl up, I make sure I do so in socks and do so the right way (because their are right and wrong ways to curl up). 

but, at this moment, my booted feet are slung over the back of my dad's comfy couch as I sit in a general upside down direction. 
my parents would raise Cain. 
I swear, I only do thus when devoid of my writer soul. 

• listen to music I generally dislike • 
can someone explain to me why 1D and Carly Rae Jepson has been on endless streaming on my pandora? 

• foolishly continue • 
they always say to get away and take a break from the computer and your writing. 
but I'm not going to do that. 
nope nope 
I'm going to sit there for hours, write a single sentence 126 times over, and sob harder each time, but I will not get up until at least a paragraph has been crafted. 

• start new writing projects • 
Just because I cannot handle my current ones should mean I need to put a stop light on the whole thing, right?
So, I'm going to start at least two more projects, and then sob more when they flop while still in chapter one. 

which leads me to

• vow to quit and take up crochet • 
I am apparently not cut out for this hobby. I've failed, and I am a shame to the title of writer and author. I should just quit before I get any deeper into it, and just give up. 
And I'll probably cry on my bed for a good couple of minutes, and then I'll resolve the ridiculousness of that, and then I'll be back in figurative tears an hour or so later. 

And, along with too much lounging and whining and food eating, there you having it.  what I do when my inspiration and Muse decided Honolulu looked good for the week.

e.t.a: my muse returned early this morning. i finished a chapter and started the next. it was nice. 


  1. this made me smile.
    I listened to Jess McCartney during math today, just because I could.

  2. and that's supposed to be JESSE McCartney, but I'm dumb and I didn't proofread.


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- Blaise Pascal