the world is blurry to me. 

wait. let me back up. 

my puppy ate my glasses. 

perhaps I need to back up more. 

I am the happy (¿ is that an adjective I can use at the moment?) owner of a large pawed, 5 month old canine that's a ragtag mix of Dalmation, Black Lab, and Mastiff.  at only five months, Galileo (as he is named, though we've dubbed him 'Leo') is beginning to tower over my three year old Jack Russell, Ella, and is undoubtably going to over take our blond muttsie, Little Ann, in a short countdown of endless growth. 
He's all legs and clumsiness, tripping over air, and falling over when there is nothing to fall over. 
He didn't need to be taught how to play fetch (a game I could not get Ella to understand), and is unnervingly smart. Sometimes I think he's smarter than I am. 
teaching him commands has been a pure breeze. 

also, he chews. 
Nobody saw fit to bewarn me of the chewing habits of labs, and so while Leo may have the lanky body of a Dalmation, I think he's more lab than not. 
A list of things we've lost to his chewing habit:
•a potted plant 
•knee pads to roller skates 
•chair cushions 
•collars for the other two dogs 
•a leash 
and I think the only reason we haven't sacrificed more to his teething gums is that I put him outside until he fully understands that carpet and grass are not equal in the game of toiletry. 
but, as I hinted above, it didn't help with all chewing, because, adding to that list, we've also lost 
•Ashley's spectacles 

thankfully I'm not entirely blind as a bat, but I'll admit, the world is a fair shade of blur at the present, and I'm having to hold things remarkably close to my face in order to see clearer, and driving...
seeing how my ability to judge long range distance is greatly off, I think my driving is probably illegal at the moment. 

we set up our pool this month, and I had jumped in, setting my nearly folded black glasses in a nearby fold out chair's mesh cup holder. 
You just don't expect to have your glasses stolen out of those sort of things while in your own backyard. 
after climbing out, I had settled into the chair to watch my younger sisters and cousin swim, acting  as a sort of life guard, and reached for my glasses, to find them on the ground. 
thinking nothing about it, and my eyes still being blurry, I put them back in the cup holder until I dried off more. 

and when I reached the second time, brought them to my face, it was then that all became clear (ha. pun intended). 
horribly chewed, one glass popped out and gone to I know not where, the other glass smudged, and scratched beyond rarest hope, and entirely worthless. 
Also, a black, lanky pup no where to be found. 

I handled it well. 
I did take his ball away and refused to play fetch when his great big brown eyes begged. But I think that's only fair. She got away with only having his nose rubbed into the glasses and being growled at with a fierce insistence that this was a very bad thing to do. 

but now, I'm left blurry until new glasses can be sent for. 
Everything within three feet is clear, but you step out of that and it looks all very unclear indeed. 

despite my vision deficiency at this time, I've read two books in two days. 
I wouldn't say being partially blind is the cause, but I wasn't reading very well before I went full out blurre mode. 

just saying. 

now, if you shall excuse me, I have tea that just finished steeping, and the last 100 pages of Wither to finish. 

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  1. This made me laugh, but as a fellow "bat", you have my sympathy ;)


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