s p i r i t

So, if you know me even the smallest bit, you might have possibly picked up on my complete disregard for all things sportery. that is a word. i made it. I've lived in the south my whole life, and I don't know about anywhere else, but here in the south, football season is worshiped and adored and lord forbid if you don't have a team that you root for, even if that team is just that small town, high school team that your cousin plays on.
I have no such team that I've ever cared to root for.
even Tim Tebow didn't rouse me from my passionate dislike for sports*.
And I made this unspoken pledge to never become involved in any sports mishmash and keep myself from ever knowing that sort of thing.
It was a lack of interest that pushed very very harshly on the edge of insanity.

Well, something has moved me.
No, I'm not attending any football games this fall (I still hate football. I don't see the point. isn't it just wrestling with a ball involved?)
I still find Tennis a bit of a bore, and Golf is only useful as a great stress reliever (yeah don't let me hit golf balls. I don't aim but I sure hit hard). Basketball is noisy and sweaty and track running....is great training for the zombie apocalypse?

but recently, my younger sister became involved with a small soccer team and has thrown herself in whole heartedly into practice and playing, and, well, how could I possibly dare to miss any of her games?
(her team, by the way, has a higher win ratio than lose which makes my big sister heart very very proud indeed).
I must admit, getting up early and swaddling in a jacket to watch her games in the chilly morning hours is actually rather enjoyable.  theres a sense of community, that I've never felt before, even during my volunteer work.  So, maybe thats the allure to being a sports fan?

At any rate, I would like to say that I am still a far fetched distance from ever feeling one with the sporting world. its just not my thing. but at least I don't find it completely unbearable now, aye?

*all sports excluding those that involve a horse or archery.

May more posts be awaiting on the near horizon. I've been such a bad blogger. 


  1. I don't sport. I just DON'T. But I do run! I always feel though that "sport" is like an organised activity involving more than one person, and I just introvert-run in the mornings...total zombie apocalypse survival training. *nods* It's so nice you support your sister like this though!

  2. Sometimes I wish I was athletic and could play sports. I am pretty sure I was cursed at birth by an evil fairy to be the most nonathletic person ever! I've accepted it. But yes, the only time I will ever watch sports is when my brothers have a baseball game or my sister has a soccer tournament. :) Huzzah for awesome big sisters!

  3. There's something just awesome about seeing kids play soccer. When I lived in Texas I went to my cousin's soccer games and I LOVED IT. I'll even watch soccer games on TV if my step-dad has them on. Soccer is just different XD


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