Puppy problem

We went to town today to get some things done, when We got back Evan and Shauna came running up with Porcha, They said she was in the water bucket, So? the Puppies water container is very shallow, "no, in the BIG dogs container!" now that container is much deeper then Porcha so that meant she must have been swimming....who knows how long!! As a matter of fact, the water bucket is 5 gallons! the poor puppy, she was shaking so they got a towel, not much better, so We took her inside and put her before a heater, still she shook, just not as bad. Her breathing sounded like she was trying to breath, cry and had water in her lungs all at the same time...who knows...maybe she was! We don't know HOW she got in there, after all, it was too tall for her to just Hop on in for a swim!
I think that They got on the porch and she fell through the rails into the bucket, but My Idea has faults, The rails may be to small for her to fit through....comfortably.

Who knows? I just hope she lives....shes not acting right.
She is such a sweet puppy! it would be terrible if she died!


  1. Oh no!! Poor Puppy!! I hope she lives too! :-(

    P.S How is Benna doing?

  2. I LOVE your new background!

  3. Which one??? the pink, the green brown? I changed it a lot, which color was the one that you liked??

  4. uhh....I don't remember...but I like the one you have now.... :)


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