Sickies and more

Will this ever end??????????

Last night We ate at Pizza hut for Annaruth's birthday dinner, and guess what??? Yep, if you guessed that Benna got sick at the restaurant then you are100 percent right! she was acting OK, considering, but just as the poor waitress came to bring our food, out it came, the poor lady placed the food on the table ( the clean end) and ran for napkins, she dropped a handful of napkins on the table and scooped up the mess, how wonderful of her, so I hauled Benna off to the bathroom, and when I came back We all ( except Benna, of course) ate a few Pizzas then left, how frustrating! I can hardly wait for this to be over!!!!!!!!!!

I'm tired of posting about sickies, but other than that, what is there???

OK, let Me think.............

Well, the puppies are growing fast, so is Princess' kittens, They wont come inside when they decide to be born!!

RooRoo got a bike and 'chutes and ladders' from Mama and Daddy, Puzzles and a dollar from Nana and poppy and Zeb gave her a ball from Pizza hut. Her cake is premade from Wal-mart, it is white and has her name on it She can hardly wait to eat it, but We are going to wait until Benna feels better, poor Baby, at Pizza hut while We where eating Benna was saying "hey!" (yes, she can say that now!) and had a confused look on her face.

I am reading about Susanna Wesley.

still haven't finished our garden.....we will sometime soon, We are determined to do so!

So.... I guess there is something else to say..... well...got to go, I guess.



  1. Awww...The poor littl baby!!... :( I'm sorry...I'll pray she gets better soon!!

  2. okay...I'm not sure if this went through right, so I'll say it again... Poor Baby!!:( I'll pray she gets better soon!


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