Pretty in Purple blog party!

After seeing many blogger folk join, I decided to.  I love giveaways, and I love tags, so this was right up my alley. ;-)

Now for the questions!

Favorite thing about summer? Summer?  What is that like? Oh, yeah..that season were I stay inside? oh...um..swimming I guess.
Twilight fan? NO NO NO NO.  Did you get that? NO!!!!!! Hate it.
Favorite quote?    I have many, but two are:
"I have been going round and round in circles.  But my heart wasn't in it"  Sherlock Holmes via Basil Rathbone.
"I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly" ~'Fireflies' lyric by Owl City.

Best thing that has ever happened to you? Either when I realized I could write and take a pretty darn good picture or when I became a Christian.
Think of every place in the world possible... which of those places would you go to? Ireland. The land of my ancestors.
Favorite food? Cheesecake. No doubts.
What type of music do you like? 50's swing, Christian rock (ex. Jars of clay), clean love songs (ex. Can you feel the love tonight?), and movie scores.
Flipflops, bare feet, heels, or flats? Heels and bare feet. Weird combo..I know.
Skirts or jeans? Jeans.
Fresh or saltwater? To drink?  um...Fresh Culligan water.  To swim in? Fresh.  To fish in? Any.
Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles. Me not like M&Ms.
are you a morning person or more of a night person? Night owl here.
So, your best friend is talking to a new girl in school... the new girl asks who you are... what do you think your best friend says? First off,  the only new girl in MY school would be my sister, cuz I'm homeschooled, but I'll dwell on the point. "Have you met Ashley yet? No?  Let me introduce you then..."
Gotta tic? ya know, biting your nails, scrunching your nose, etc? Biting my nails.  and  I got in the HORRIBLE habit of pushing my glasses up without hands. Yup.  I scrunch up my nose and they push up.  It makes my Mama laugh at me...so I'm working on the nose problem, and almost done with nail biting.  

Now, I'm going to show you a lil of what you could win if you enter!

 This camera strap....

 This AWESOME camera necklace....

So, go link up! You'll be glad you did. Trust me.

pretty on PURPLE blog party!

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