You are her Velveteen Rabbit

(I don't know where this came from, it just sorta did.  That's simply all I can say)

Dear Emi

She is insane, I hope you realize that.  You've gotten in a big mess when you signed up to deal with her.  She is crazy, and brilliant, but mostly just a wacky little authoress with a certian amount of random lucky brilliant streak.  But she will love you, she will adore you, and hold you close to her heart.  You will never find another flesh and blood person who holds you more real and more tenderly then she does.  She will stay up late, thinking up ways to help you come at on top.  She will give you crazy battles and struggles, but the love she pours on you; the way she smiles each time she spells your name, and the late night giggles as she writes your story....trust me. It's worth it.
The First Loved One,

Hey Vice,

Trust me, you are going to have it rough.  She always does it to her favorites.  The harder you have it, the more you can know she loves you.  It's an odd paradox, but strangely true.  I know it, and you'll discover it yourself.  Just be there, let her run her fingers through your soul, and she'll be happy.  She will close her eyes, and sigh deeply.  And she will fall hopelessly in love with you.  She will certainly come down hard on you, life might be unbearable, but just be glad she believes in happily endings.
The First Exiled Prince,

Well, this is awkward,
Hi Chakra. I've never written a letter to a girl before, but it seems me and you are the 'similar ones'. So, uh, hi?  You might think me and you had it the easiest. But we actually don't. Ya see, I honestly think she doesn't believe in doing things good to us all the time.  Funny, the ways you and I are similar. If we could reach across our novels, I'm sure we'd be smashing friends.  But, to my point. Sometimes you might think you are just a stupid little girl who just doesn't grasp the whole big world, but, listen kid, you are made of tougher stuff.  And that gives you real spirit.  Me and you, we know how the world spins, and we stay light hearted and with a laugh in our mouth (Tarine informs me that didn't sound poetic in the least, crazy girl. Do you sometimes feel like Emi watches over your shoulder, always ready to correct every little error of yours?).  We know how bad people can be, and yet, we trust them anyway.  We get heart ache at each corner when our trust is misused, but we get up, and trust again. Why? Because, well, there are good people out there.  Folks like Emi, Tarine, Vice and Miles spend so much time guarding themselves against the bad people, they never see the good people. 
But we do, right, kid?
The First Lighthearted Companion,

To The Honorable Guardian Melani
Stay in there, My dear.  I know how it is to deal with young girls who are much to ready to take the world on their own, or trying to escape the duty ahead of them. Tarine was quite a handful, but, Melani, learn to let go. They are often more ready then we give them credit for.  I, like you, sacrificed my life so my student could live.  It's the greatest sacrifice, I believe.  And, one they will never forget us for.
The First Teacher,

I realized when I reached my 14K mark wit my NaNo novel, the striking similarities between The Key to D'Lair and The Story of Emi.   
D'Lair was my pride and joy, I loved it like I loved no other novel at the time.  I coddled it, raised it, and watched as it crumbled into ashes in my fingers.  I gathered up the poor (ly written) remains, and buried them in a box in my desk.   And, I have always said, D'Lair will always remain a fond favorite.  I have also always said, pieces of D'Lair always find their way into my novels, whether I try to or not.  But, I realized just how closely D'Lair and TSO-Emi paralleled, and though I suspected it to bear signs of D'Lair's existance. I hadn't expected it to be this strong.
I had hoped to rewrite D'Lair someday, to give it a new, albeit very much different, life.  
But, I think it has gone, and rewritten itself for me, TSO-Emi is certainly the 'reincarnation' of D'Lair.

Yes. I'm supposed to be writing. But, I reached 15K today, I suspect I may be allowed a short little reprive, no?

Ok. Getting back to the grid iron of writing.
Just kidding, it's more like a double edged sword.

The Girl who adores her characters,
The Girl who is randomly brilliant,
The Girl who might freak people out if she said all that goes on between her and her characters,

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